Ryan Michael Narrative

Ryan Michael Narrative

Our Heritage

Ryan Michael Trading, LLC. is a creative, dynamic apparel company that designs, sources and markets contemporary Western shirts for men and women. Our brands allow our customers to express their rugged individualism and core values through products that celebrate the bold, independent spirit of the American West. 

We view ourselves as partners with our designers, garment manufacturers, sales team, retailers and customers toward the common goal of creating a product that can be proudly showcased as uniquely and unmistakably American.

Our brands offer our discerning customers an artistic and authentic expression of the character of the West, specifically through Western silhouettes, unexpected color combinations, exceptional stitching, authentic snaps and carefully blended fabrications delivering a luxurious feel. Our products will be marketed through brand-appropriate lifestyle stores and specialty e-commerce retailers.

We aim always to deliver flawless customer experiences through superior craftsmanship and fit. Our garment designs are intended to evoke the allure of a younger America when the pioneering spirit was about freedom, self-reliance and the promise of opportunity.